Websites and Domains

As described in the chapter Quick Start with ApaxonHost, creating your web presence always starts with purchasing a domain name. The domain name (or simply, domain) is the name people use to access your site from their browsers, for example, The domain registration is carried out by authorized companies - domain name registrars. Hosting providers often carry out this function. For detailed information about how to manage domains in ApaxonHost, refer to the section Domains and DNS.

However, a domain is not a website. To make it accessible from the web and fill it with content, you should subscribe to hosting services (obtain a customer account). That is to supplement your domain with Internet connectivity, some disk space to store your content, mail services, and so on. Thus, a website is a domain with provided hosting services.

ApaxonHost provides a full range of operations in regard to domains and websites:

  • Adding and removing domains, subdomains, and aliases.
  • Managing the content of your websites.
  • Installing various web apps.
  • Securing connections to your websites and much more.

This chapter provides detailed information on all the possible operations on websites and domains in ApaxonHost. Note that some of these operations may be unavailable according to your hosting plan.

  • Websites, Domains
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