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To create your website and fill it with the content you need (text, images, videos, and so on), use one of the methods provided by ApaxonHost:

  • Using website creation and management tools. If you do not have a website yet, consider setting one up by yourself with a tool for creating, editing, and publishing websites. You can do this even if you do not possess the necessary web programming and design skills. The best tools of this sort are the following:
    • Presence Builder - a website editor integrated with the Customer Panel.
    • Content Management Systems (CMS) - web applications for creating and editing websites.
  • Uploading existing websites to your hosting account using one the following methods:
    • FTP client program. You can obtain a free FTP client from the Internet, or, if you are using Windows, use Windows Explorer. This enables you to access your directory on the hosting server and manage your files. If you collaborate with other people when managing your website (such as programmers or designers), you can provide them with access to your directory using FTP to let them edit the website by themselves.
    • File Manager. A tool for uploading and managing website files and directories through the ApaxonHost web interface.
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